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Here’s the trailer for “A Few Dollars More”. I rewatched it recently and was blown away yet again by the amazing photography. I’m still up in the air on the plot. On the one hand, it’s complex and twisty and yet all the characters navigate through it with consistent motivations. On the other hand it may be so complex that it leaves little room for subtext.

In any case, this is a minor quibble. There’s enough interesting going on, visually, to make every subsequent viewing a chance to catch something new. This time around I noticed how smoking is frequently mapped to when a character is lying or otherwise fronting. Not an uncommon cinematic trope but it’s deployed a lot here.

One great scene for that is when Lee Van Cleef’s character and Clint Eastwood’s character are talking for the first time. I won’t spoil anything but just take careful note of when each character is smoking and not smoking.

Definitely one to look for on Blu-Ray.

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