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morgoth, writing a review for Amazon.com:

Before Bruce Lee, there were a few kung fu movie stars. The first huge star was Jimmy Wang Yu who started working in the very first Shaw Brothers sword plays back in 1965. He directed and starred in ‘One-Armed Boxer’ for Golden Harvest in 1971 and is in top form both in front of and behind the camera. While you can clearly see Jimmy Wang Yu is not a real martial artist, he is still one of the best kung fu stars ever. At least 50 people die in this movie and he does the most damage.

If you are a fan of kung fu movies pre-Bruce Lee, this is a must have. Maybe the best basher ever. It’s one of the movies that started the imaginary world where only martial arts schools exist. So the one martial arts school is a gang, and the other school is made up of good people. You just have to go with it, but it more than works. The movie is serious, but takes place in a complete fantasy world. “Never insult Tibetan martial arts”.

Never heard of this but I don’t see how it can’t be awesome.

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