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I put this video up on Youtube over five years ago, and I haven’t learned much more about it since. What I do know is that there was an attempt to produce an animated feature film of The Incal, and that this attempt failed. What I think you see here is a reel put together to bait more financiers into the project. Curiously at the end, there is an animated Arzach sequence and what looks like a Starwatcher sequence. This thing is baffling. And gorgeous. As far as I’ve heard, both Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky were involved in the production, but I haven’t heard either of them mention it directly.

This looks absolutely incredible — I’d never heard of L’Incal before.

There seem to be a couple of different editions of the comic in English — if anyone can recommend a particular edition, chime in on Quora.

(Via Aaron Diaz.)

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