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Graphing Calculator: Still Alive

Here’s a bit of follow up on yesterday’s post about the inimitable Graphing Calculator.

Mac OS X has never shipped with Graphing Calculator.1 However, you can now fix this for less than $10.2

Pacific Tech (the company that Ron and Greg started after GC 1.0 shipped) now sells two applications in the Mac App Store: Graphing Calculator Lite and Equation Editor.

Graphing Calculator Lite is currently $4.99 and seems to most of the features I remember Graphing Calculator having as a kid. Looks great.

They’re also selling a new piece of software, Equation Calculator for 99¢. It basically takes a lot of the symbolic manipulation features of GC and restyles them into an interface directed at doing calculation. There’s a full rundown of the features (and what’s missing in Graphing Calculator Lite) on Pacific Tech’s site.

I bought both.

  1. 10.4 began shipping Arizona Software’s “Curvus Pro X”, rebranded as “Grapher”, instead of Graphing Calculator. 

  2. The full version of Graphing Calculator is $100, and well, that’s just a little bit much to satisfy my nostalgia.