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The winner of the wild demo competition at Assembly Summer 2012 was Introducing the iLisa by the Carnegie Mellon Computer Club and coda. As one may surmise by the title, it was written for the Apple Lisa.

coda wrote about writing the music and some software. CMUCC customized the Lisa used in the demo with a sound card solely to have higher quality audio for the demo!

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For your chill, groovin’ enjoyment today is “Gate 99 (last call)” by Erik “Zodiak” Stridell. This cut is off the album audiophonik – music for the scene generation, a collection of original tunes by some prominent demoscene composers. The album is available to download for free, so check the whole thing out. It’s full of quality jams.

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I blew a big ol’ chunk of time the other night watching some demos. Probably my favorite of the lot was this one, Rupture by Andromeda Software Development, which won first place in the combined demo compo at The Gathering 2009. Holy smokes this is well shot and stylish as hell.